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Regent High School

5806 Broadway Ave. Cleveland OH, 44127-1717

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School Summary

Dropout Recovery


School Type

Operated By
Oakmont Education Group

Sponsored By
Educational Resource Consultants of Ohio

Special Programs
Dropout recovery


Regent is a Dropout Prevention and
Recovery school located in Cleveland’s
Slavic Village neighborhood. We
specialize in helping urban opportunity
youth aged 15-21 reach their full
potential by earning a nationally
accredited high school diploma while
preparing for college and the workforce.
We believe that every student deserves
a chance at a quality education, and offer
a flexible schedule and the ability to work
at your own pace, with resources aimed
at increasing our students’ viability in the
job market.

Special Programs

Hands-on skills and industry credentials.
Regent High School focuses on providing the training and experience students need
to become highly skilled technicians, certified in a high growth/high demand skill
area of their choosing. This training can be completed in less than a year.
Our graduates have hands-on skills, knowledge, and abilities. We provide
industry credential training in 5 major areas with hands-on experiential learning
Construction – Healthcare – Manufacturing – Information Technology – Early
Childhood Education
In some cases, eligible students may receive a financial stipend for their hours of
Workforce Experience Programming.

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