At Cleveland Transformation Alliance, we know that high-quality schools for every child starts with dedicated teachers and staff who play many roles in their students’ lives.  After two+ years of pandemic learning, we are more grateful than ever for Cleveland teachers who go above and beyond to build connections and inspire curiosity in their students. 

During National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6, 2022) we noticed Cleveland schools celebrating their teachers and staff with everything from taco bars and food trucks to  pancake breakfasts, balloon bouquets, and handwritten notes of appreciation. 

Below are a few of the ways families and school administrators showed their appreciation for the hardworking and dedicated teachers who serve Cleveland families. Our Editor’s Choice Award goes to Northeast Ohio College Preparatory for their tastefully creative “Nacho Average Teacher” bar. 

And here are a few words of appreciation from administrators and families: 

“We thank you, dear teachers and staff, for being so dedicated and so passionate about teaching/helping our explorers. We can never repay you for your remarkable contributions that you make daily to their growth and development.” — Campus International School 

“One final “thank you” as we wrap up Teacher Appreciation Week today! This week, we celebrated and thanked all of our educators for the amazing work they do with our scholars. Our teachers at Breakthrough maximize the learning environment, motivate our scholars, and help them thrive! We hope our teachers enjoyed the breakfast or lunch provided by the board members this week. Thank you!!!” — Breakthrough Schools

Northeast Ohio College Preparatory

“So many fabulous teachers! We love 💖 Mrs. Fucile, Ms. Misizin, Ms. Arko, Mr. Manthy and Mr. Meagan.💖 From fun math assignments to school day anecdotes in car line, these teachers hold up the sky so their students can reach for the stars 🌠” — Near West Intergenerational School

“All the teachers at Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy thanks for being amazing, trustworthy, caring, and passionate. The Goldsby family loves and appreciates you all!” — Constellation Schools 

 Finally, we love the teacher appreciation videos shared last week by CMSD, like this one from the Cleveland School of the Arts string quartet: