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Near West Intergenerational School

3805 Terrett Ave. Cleveland OH, 44113-3286

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Near West Intergenerational School is a
public charter school within Cleveland’s
Ohio City neighborhood. Our students
excel in the areas of language arts and
Near West is part of a network of
Intergenerational Schools with a shared
mission to connect, create, and guide a
multi-generational community of lifelong
learners and spirited citizens as they
strive for academic excellence.

Special Programs

Our school has…
• Small, multi-age classes where learning is individually paced.
• A nationally recognized educational model where intergenerational learning
partners from the community support every child.
• Intergenerational field trips.
• Art, music, gym, and yoga.
• Extracurricular activities including drama club, news crew, garden club,
comic book club, anime club and board game club.

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