Transformation Alliance submits proposed charter partner criteria to CMSD
Transformation Alliance submits proposed charter partner criteria to CMSD

December 4, 2018

Transformation Alliance submits proposed charter partner criteria to CMSD

Proposal by the Cleveland Transformation Alliance

to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District

for criteria to select community schools as formal partners

 SummaryAt the request of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, the Transformation Alliance convened a working group to create a set of criteria that CMSD could use to select partnering community schools. The working group, comprising representatives of the school district, community schools, and the Transformation Alliance, met six times, from September 17, 2018, to November 15, 2018.The process was facilitated by Kris Putnam-Walkerly of the Putnam Group in close collaboration with the Transformation Alliance. The working group used as a starting point the document “Cleveland Community School Partnership, Request for Proposals: New Partner Schools 2017-18,” found on the CMSD website.This proposal to CMSD was approved by the Board of Directors of the Transformation Alliance at its December 3, 2018, meeting, and provided to the CMSD Board of Education for consideration at its December 4 work session.The intention of this process has been to take an inclusive approach to partnership while holding partnering schools to high standards of practice.The documents submitted to the CMSD Board of Education are available at the following links:Charter Partnership Proposed to CMSDCharter partnership addendum Working group participants:
  • Jessica Baldwin, CMSD
  • Mark Baumgartner, CMSD/Cleveland Teachers Union
  • Kevin Burtzlaff, CMSD
  • Mark Comanducci, ACCEL Schools
  • Nicholas D’Amico, CMSD
  • Christine Fowler-Mack, CMSD
  • Robert Heard, CMSD/Transformation Alliance Board
  • Tom Hutton, CMSD
  • Brooke King, The Intergenerational Schools/Transformation Alliance Board
  • Stephanie Klupinski, CMSD
  • Shana Marbury, Transformation Alliance Board
  • Rick McIntosh, CMSD
  • Mary Moore, CMSD/Cleveland Teachers Union
  • Jacqui Miller, Stonebrook Montessori School
  • Ann Mullin, Transformation Alliance Board
  • David Quolke, Cleveland Teachers Union/Transformation Alliance Board
  • Erin Randel, Transformation Alliance Board
  • Alan Rosskamm, Breakthrough Schools/Transformation Alliance Board
  • Victor Ruiz, Transformation Alliance Board
  • Deb Rutledge, Transformation Alliance Board
  • Piet van Lier, Transformation Alliance Staff
  • Helen Williams, Transformation Alliance Board
  • Peggy Young, Buckeye Community Hope Foundation/Transformation Alliance Board

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