Phoenix Village Academy Primary 2 dba Wings Academy 1

Phoenix Village Academy Primary 2 dba Wings Academy 1

2450 Prospect Avenue East
Cleveland, OH 44115


De Shawn King CMO/Superintendent

Grades Offered


Operated By

The Genesis Group & Associates LLC

Sponsored By

Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Hours of Operation

9:15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Vision Prepare our students for academic excellence and lifetime achievement while effecting change in their local communities and making contribution to our global society. Mission Creating and executing an innovative and academically excellent learning environment for our students centers on students on expert reading, writing, math, the nature of science that encourages a rigorous cognitive demand, and their history as the foundation for high self-esteem, critical thinking, problem-solving, financial literacy, emotional intelligence, and analytical skills that embrace the ideals within Ohio’s Strategic Plan, Each Child Our Future. A Word to Families…. As your child’s first teacher, you must continue to participate in all areas of your child’s education. The parent/legal legal guardian and school share the responsibility of a child’s education. Through a collaborative effort we will create a partnership between the home and school to ensure the academic growth and success of every student.

State rating of how well students performed on tests.

Average Ranked 57 of 109
Cleveland schools

State rating of student growth compared to growth of other students in Ohio.

Average Ranked 51 of 102
Cleveland schools

State Rating


Achievement: 1/5
Progress: 2/5
Gap Closing: 3/5
Graduation: 0/5
Early Literacy: 1/5


Third Grade Reading Proficiency


Students meeting requirements for 4th grade
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Attendance Rate

Programs Offered

Pull out/Push in services

Population Diversity

98% Black Non-Hispanic


Students with Disabilities

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