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Old Brook High School

4877 Pearl Rd. Cleveland OH, 44109-5138

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School Summary

Dropout Recovery


School Type

Operated By
Oakmont Education Group

Sponsored By
Educational Resource Consultants of Ohio

Special Programs
Dropout recovery, Career-tech


Old Brook is a high school serving
students who would be traditionally
enrolled in grades 9-12, ages 15-21.
These students may have fallen behind
in earning credits, have difficulty
passing state-required tests, are at risk
of dropping out of school, or just need
a new environment in which they can
We target the population of students
whose educational needs have not been
met at any meaningful level. Our model
catches the students that are falling
through the cracks and empowers the
community with more contributing adult

Special Programs

At Old Brook High School, we believe:
• Every student deserves an environment that enables them to achieve to their
• We respect our work and each other.
• We use data to inform our decisions and measure our success.
Old Brook High students do not enroll in a specific grade level but rather in the
“Old Brook High School.” They enjoy an individualized and self-paced program
set in a flexible scheduling environment that is responsive to their needs. We are
focused on achieving a high school diploma—not a GED—that leads to postsecondary
success. We welcome parent involvement and community engagement.

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