Near West Intergenerational School

Near West Intergenerational School

3805 Terrett Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113


April Maimone

Grades Offered


Sponsored By

Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD)

Hours of Operation

8AM - 3PM


Near West Intergenerational School is such a special place to learn and grow. We are so proud of our fun, quirky old school and have high expectations for each and every student that comes through our doors. Near West students are kind, compassionate, and resilient. Together with our dedicated staff, we strive to make connections with students to help them feel valued, accepted, and safe. At Near West and in the Intergenerational Schools, our mission is to connect, create, and guide a multigenerational community of lifelong learners and spirited citizens as we strive for academic excellence. During the 2023-24 school year, we will continue to guide our mission and to provide a rigorous and joyful school environment. Our overarching goal is to encourage active student engagement to help to foster a lifetime love for learning.

State rating of how well students performed on tests.

Above Average Ranked 3 of 109
Cleveland schools

State rating of student growth compared to growth of other students in Ohio.

Above Average Ranked 14 of 102
Cleveland schools

State Rating


Achievement: 3/5
Progress: 4/5
Gap Closing: 4/5
Graduation: 0/5
Early Literacy: 3/5


Third Grade Reading Proficiency


Students meeting requirements for 4th grade
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Attendance Rate

Programs Offered

ELL Services

Full-time Nurse

Inclusion Classrooms

Non-Traditional Extracurricular/Field Trips

Peer mentoring

Peer Tutoring

Pull out/Push in services


Visual impairment services


Population Diversity

31.9% Black Non-Hispanic
35.7% White Non-Hispanic
24.9% Hispanic
7% Multiracial


Students with Disabilities

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