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Wade Park

7600 Wade Park Ave. Cleveland OH, 44103-3304

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Wade Park School provides an
academically challenging environment in
a state-of-the-art facility with excellent
teachers and innovative learning practices
to meet the needs of all learners. Our
students participate in project-based
learning utilizing research-based
strategies based on critical thinking,
collaboration, creativity, innovation,
and problem-solving skills. Students
participate in weekly science experiments
to develop inquisitive minds, improve
critical thinking skills, and support a
strong conceptual understanding of
science through investigation and

Special Programs

Inspiring and empowering students through…
• A creative and innovative approach to learning centered on the individual
student’s needs.
• Inquiry-based instructional program that uses real-world context.
• Emphasis on project-based learning and developing critical thinkers.
• Enrichment activities focused on developing the “whole child.”
• Daily instruction in core subjects as well as weekly Spanish, music, visual art,
media, chorus, physical education, and reading intervention.

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