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East Preparatory Academy

4129 Superior Ave. Cleveland OH, 44103-1129

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School Summary


School Type

Operated By
Forrester Education

Sponsored By
St. Aloysius Orphanage


East Prep Academy is dedicated to improving the lives of students by providing authentic, differentiated learning experiences in a collaborative, nurturing environment that will build a foundation for students’ success in school, in future work and in life. Teachers use small groups in reading and math to deliver focused instruction, as well as infusing technology into learning stations to further individualize instruction and challenge accelerated learners. Students are able to advance at their own pace.

Special Programs

At East you will find:
• A small school environment.
• Free transportation.
• All day kindergarten.
• Extracurricular activity period.
• Hands-on, project-based learning and classroom technology including tablets and
• Rigorous, small group and individualized instruction, plus art, music, and physical
education for all students.
• Required parental involvement and student uniforms.

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