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Cleveland College Preparatory School

4906 Fleet Ave. Cleveland OH, 44105-3328

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School Summary


School Type

Operated By
Accel Schools

Sponsored By
Ohio Council of Community Schools


Cleveland College Preparatory Academy
is a learning community which values high
expectations for both academics and
behavior. Our staff embraces students,
families, and our community to build
and develop well rounded individuals
who are independent critical thinkers
and intrinsically motivated to be life-long
We believe that all children can learn as
we seek to make a difference in the lives
of our students.

Special Programs

What Sets Us Apart
We have high expectations for our students and offer a high level of support to help
children reach their full potential. We individualize learning based on regular analysis
of student progress throughout each school year.
• Core subjects form the basis of our curriculum. Students receive 120 minutes of
instruction in English language arts and 90 minutes of instruction in mathematics,
science, and social studies each school day.
• Art projects allow students to explore their individual creativity.
• Physical education to promote understanding of biological systems, nutrition, and
• Computer keyboarding for 4th, 5th & 6th graders.
• Rhythm and dance classes in grades one through four.

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