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5550 Clark Ave. Cleveland OH, 44102-4569

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Clark is committed to challenging
students to succeed and grow while
offering them the nurturing and support
they need. We offer a rigorous curriculum
with a focus on first-hand experiences
and field trips that emphasize real-world
We encourage students to develop
teamwork and leadership skills through
extracurricular activities including
baseball, track, cheerleading and a
variety of clubs. We also aim to make
parents and caregivers an integral part
of the Clark community through parentstudent
events and parenting support

Special Programs

Leadership + Teamwork = Excellence
• Our preschool program earned a 5-star rating from Step Up to Quality, Ohio’s
evaluation system. We also offer programs for children who are preparing to enter
• For our large population of English Language Learners, we have in-classroom
services including bilingual aides.
• We have special education teachers for students with special needs and
• Clark benefits from strong community partnerships with Calvary United Methodist
Church, Clark Recreation Center, Huntington Bank, Metro West, PNC Bank, and
West 58th Street Church of God. Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, Clark and Walton schools will be consolidated into a single program, ahead of a move into a newly-constructed building. For details, call the CMSD Enrollment & Choice office at 216-838-3675.

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