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Broadway Academy

3398 E. 55th St. Cleveland OH, 44127-1691

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School Summary

K-6, growing to K-8.

School Type

Operated By
Accel Schools

Sponsored By
St. Aloysius Orphanage


Broadway Academy believes our students are on a path toward college and career. We have high expectations for our students and offer a high level of support to help children reach their full potential. We individualize learning based on regular analysis of student progress throughout each school year to ensure our students are successful.

Special Programs

What Sets Us Apart
• Core subjects form the basis of our K–8 curriculum. Students receive 120
minutes of instruction in English language arts and 90 minutes of instruction in
mathematics, science, and social studies each school day.
• Art class twice a week.
• Enrichment in music, physical education, and conversational French and Spanish.
• Extracurriculars include tutoring club with Mr. Larry; field trips; monthly assemblies;
and intramural sports.

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