Advocating & Navigating Special Education
Advocating & Navigating Special Education

Advocating & Navigating Special Education

May 17, 2023

5:00 pm — 6:30 pm



Featured Panelists:

  • Danielle Gadomski Littleton, Esq. – Legal Aid Society Cleveland
  • Habeebah Rasheed Grimes, LSPSY – Chief Executive Officer, PEP
  • Denise F. Milner MA, M.Ed. Principal – PEP Greenview
  • Christy Rorick – Cleveland Teachers Union (CTU)
  • Ebony Spano – Parent Advocate
  • Amy Such, Psy.S. School Psychologist – CTU Executive Board Member
  • Carol S. Young, Ph.D. Accountability & School Improvement Department Lead Education Division

Whether you are a student, parent, educator, service provider, or community member, come join the online panel discussion on empowering families to learn, understand and navigate Special Education services and programs in Cleveland presented by Cleveland Transformation Alliance.

What is Special Education:
Special education is a broad term used to describe specially designed instruction that meets the unique needs of a student with disabilities interfering with their learning. It focuses on helping students with disabilities learn.

  • Learn & Understand Your Rights
  • Navigate Programs and Services
  • Learn About IEP, ETR, and 504 Plans
  • Learn How to Advocate!

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