Why Register for Kindergarten Now?
Why Register for Kindergarten Now?

March 25, 2024

Why Register for Kindergarten Now?

Kindergarten is a child’s first school experience. You want it to be pleasant - not last minute and chaotic. Your child needs to be comfortable with the school and the teacher. By registering your child for kindergarten now, you can be sure that:

  • All the necessary paperwork is in: You have time to secure needed records, so there is no rush or problem in getting the essential information.
  • The school is prepared: Schools plan in the Spring and need to know how many teachers to hire and how many supplies they will need.
  • You know about school policies, special programs, activities, and services, allowing you to be prepared and ask questions.
  • You can schedule a tour of the school you are interested in while the school is still in session.

If you need help considering the best options for your child, visit the Cleveland Transformation Alliance’s School Finder Tool to search by neighborhood, school focus, amenities, and special partnerships. Visit our friends at Starting-Point.org to download a complete toolkit for kindergarten registration.

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