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Whitney M. Young Leadership Academy

15111 Miles Ave. Cleveland OH, 44178

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School Summary

9-12For the 20-21 school year, this school willnot be enrolling new 9th graders.

School Type

Operated By

Special Programs
Self-contained gifted & talented


Whitney M. Young is a college
preparatory program dedicated
to serving students on Cleveland’s
Southeast Side.
Our focus is on achieving excellence on
the OST, PSAT, SAT and ACT exams. Our
dedicated staff helps scholars earn the
grades and service hours to be accepted
into top colleges and universities, and
obtain academic scholarships to those
We offer Honors and Advanced
Placement coursework in all grades, and
students express themselves artistically
through visual and graphic arts courses.

Special Programs

A community of high achievers.
Our students benefit from a school community that supports them in every way.
We value parents and families, and their participation in meaningful, two-way
communication involving student academic learning and other school activities.
Along with our strong academic programs, the school offers a variety of varsity and
JV sports, including volleyball, cross country, tennis, bowling, basketball, and indoor
and outdoor track.
Beginning in the fall of 2020, this school will be consolidated into the new JFK campus.
Students interested in this college prep programming should enroll at the new JFK,
see page 158.
Please call the CMSD Enrollment & Choice Office for more information, 216-838-3675.

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