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West Park Academy

12913 Bennington Ave. Cleveland OH, 44135-3761

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School Type

Operated By
Accel Schools

Sponsored By
St. Aloysius Orphanage/Charter School Specialist


West Park Academy is the home of
the Tigers! We provide an effective,
consistent, and academically rigorous
education in a safe, disciplined, and
nurturing environment. Our mission
is to empower students to reach their
fullest potential by implementing a
comprehensive curriculum facilitated by
highly effective educators in collaboration
with families and the community, and
supported by progressive technology.

Special Programs

At West Park…
We take great pride in ensuring that all our students are welcomed into an
environment where they are safe and secure.
Core subjects form the basis of our K–8 curriculum. Students receive 90 minutes
of instruction in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies each
school day.
A truly well-rounded education must nourish the body and soul as well as
the mind. We believe in the value of exposing children to the arts as well as to
opportunities for exercise and physical competition. Extracurricular programs and
experiences include clubs, field trips, and students of the month.

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