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1805 W. 57th Street Cleveland OH, 44102

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Waverly inspires and empowers Detroit-
Shoreway students to be life-long
learners and leaders in their school, the
community, and their life. We nurture
our students and provide them with
opportunities to engage in meaningful
leadership experiences to achieve
academic and social success.

Special Programs

Waverly celebrates—
• Strong parent involvement including an organized, committed school parent
organization that meets monthly.
• Partnerships with PNC’s Grow Up Great program, Cleveland Public Library Walz
branch, and St. Peter and St. Colman churches.
• Not on Our Watch anti-bullying program and Winning Against Violent
Environments peer mediation.
• On-site counseling services for students and families through Beech Brook.
• Teacher Based Teaming to improve teaching and learning, plus interactive use of
• Extracurricular activities including boys and girls basketball and youth
empowerment opportunities.

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