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Stonebrook Montessori

975 East Blvd. Cleveland OH, 44108-2970

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PreK-6, growing to Prek-8

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Stonebrook Montessori is a welcoming and inclusive school devoted to serving child development. Adhering closely to Montessori principles, we are profoundly committed to student success and to serving the unique needs of each child. Following the 2019-2020 school year, this school will merge with neighboring Michael R. White (page 95). A committee representing the District, Stonebrook, and the community will develop a plan to fully integrate the two schools into a single high-quality Montessori campus for the East Side.

Special Programs

Our learning environment sets us apart.
Our students achieve high levels of understanding through hands-on, experiential
learning from math and science to language and the arts. They learn by working with
special Montessori materials that embody concepts and develop specific skills. Our
interdisciplinary curriculum engages students and puts learning into a meaningful
context. The curriculum also emphasizes respectful behaviors and courteous
interactions with one another, their community, and their environment.
Children in a Montessori classroom…
• Learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully.
• Develop confidence in their abilities and are motivated to achieve new levels of
• Establish sustained relationships with the teacher and peers in a stable learning
community over a three-year period.
• Are empowered to make choices and develop independence.

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