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Stonebrook Montessori

975 East Blvd. Cleveland OH, 44108-2970

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PreK-6, growing to Prek-8

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Stonebrook Montessori is a welcoming
and inclusive school devoted to serving
child development. Adhering closely to
Montessori principles, we are profoundly
committed to student success and to
serving the unique needs of each child.

Stonebrook Montessori and Michael R. White
merged beginning in 2020-2021, and are now
the Stonebrook-White Montessori Campus,
grades PreK-8, CMSD. The school enrolls
children beginning at age 3.


Special Programs

The East Side Montessori Campus is comprised of Michael R. White and Stonebrook Montessori. We are a unique collaborative in the process of developing a comprehensive Montessori campus in Cleveland’s historic Glenville neighborhood.

Under the leadership of CMSD CEO Eric Gordon and the Stonebrook Board of Directors, a plan was developed to draw on the strengths of the Michael R. White and Stonebrook teams to form a Montessori Campus on the East Side of Cleveland for children ages 3 through 15.

This year, 2020-21 marks our first year as a campus of two buildings under the leadership of Principal Hayes. Over the next year, Principal Hayes will join in work with CMSD Director Jacqui Miller (founding principal of Stonebrook Montessori), parents, teachers, District design specialists, and the newly formed Montessori Advisory Council to build the pathway for the campus to become an integrated Montessori campus. We are excited about this big work and will provide regular feedback and updates as the school year progresses.

While we are at work on the design process, as much as possible, both schools continue to operate under the same programming expectations as the immediate year’s prior.

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