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Robinson G. Jones

4550 W. 150th St. Cleveland OH, 44135-3460

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R.G. Jones focuses on literacy and family
involvement in children’s education.
Students succeed through independent
and guided lessons in the classroom,
where our teachers cultivate a safe and
respectful learning environment. We
support students with special needs, and
provide counseling services for qualifying

Special Programs

Robinson G. Jones offers:
• A diverse student body, and a culture that believes all students can succeed and
be leaders.
• A newer facility opened in 2010 with a full-sized gymnasium for phys ed classes,
basketball, cheerleading, volleyball and more.
• Smart board technology in every classroom, interactive learning, and computer
science courses for all grades, preK-8.
• After school programming that includes America SCORES soccer program, Art
House artist workshops, Beat the Streets wrestling, chess, scouting, and MyCom
Youth job club.
• Community partnerships with Bellaire Puritas Development Corporation,
Cleveland Police Department – First District, Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital,
Cleveland Public Library, The Hope Center, Huntington Bank, Junior Achievement,
The Ohio State University Extension Office, and West Park Baptist Church.

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