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Promise Academy

1701 E. 13th St. Cleveland OH, 44114-3227

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Dropout Recovery


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Buckeye Community Hope Foundation

Special Programs
Dropout recovery, Year-round


Dropout Prevention and Recovery School: This school is a dropout prevention and recovery school, serving primarily students who have dropped out of high school or are at risk of dropping out. The state has created a different set of standards to which these schools are held accountable.

Promise Academy is a non-traditional high school offering students ages 16 through 21, in 9th through 12th grade, an alternative – and often fast-tracked – opportunity to earn their high school diploma.


Promise Academy helps students accelerate their future and achieve their goals in life. As a school community we strive everyday to build a supportive school culture that puts students first.

The team of educators at Promise Academy believes that high quality student-teacher relationships and personalized educational experiences can and will make a difference in the lives of our students. Our leadership team make sure each staff member at Promise Academy has effective, interpersonal, facilitation and group processing skills to develop positive supportive relationships with each student. The team at Promise Academy understands that high quality instruction and learning are not substitutes for quality relationships between school staff and students.

Promise Academy has been partnered with Cuyahoga Community College to offer students who have previously dropped out of high school, or who were not on track to graduate, a chance to not only earn their high school diploma, but also to be dually enrolled in college, tuition-free, working their way toward achieving post-secondary success. Promise Academy offers students a full range of wraparound services that assist young adults to self-regulate in relationship to school, work, and sometimes parenting. Our expanded goal is to link students with educational experiences that will connect them to a college or a career.


Special Programs

Highlighted Academic Offerings

  • A Gateway to College National Network School – offering dual high school/college enrollment.
  • The College Ready Academy – tutoring program designed to better prepare students for college-level coursework.
  • Course Recovery – offering students the ability to complete additional credits, and/or earn missed credits.
  • An innovative, online, modular learning curriculum, available year-round.
  • Intensive, 6-week, tutoring prep sessions for OGT testing
  • Flexible School Hours
  • Tutoring/Teacher Assistance



Promise Academy uses a state-of-art, computer-based, modular learning curriculum called GradPoint, a Pearson product, which is designed to provide students with an alternative method of earning credit toward graduation.


All courses and assignments are online; therefore students attend one of two 3-hour sessions daily at Promise Academy where one-on-one attention from our teachers is offered.  In addition to the 3 hours on-site, student can work from home, the Cleveland Public Libraries, or anywhere they have access to a computer/laptop and the internet, year-round. Students earn credits by completing all of the assigned modules in a course. Since students are working at their own pace, credits are earned as soon as the student completes the course. No longer does a student have to wait until the end of a semester to finish a course and receive credit toward graduation. At Promise Academy, students have the ability to graduate the day they finish all of their courses!


Promise Academy offers continuous open enrollment, throughout the year. Families simply complete the enrollment application, turn in all copies of supporting documentation (i.e. proof of residency, birth certificate, immunization records, withdrawal form & official transcript), and attend an orientation. Students enrolling themselves, who are over 18, must also provide proof of income. Applications accepted in the main office, Monday through Friday between 8:00am – 4:00pm. For more information, please visit:


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