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Orchard Park Academy

14440 Triskett Rd. Cleveland OH, 44111-2263

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School Summary


School Type

Operated By
Forrester Education

Sponsored By
St. Aloysius Orphanage


Orchard Park Academy provides
pathways for growth, achievement, and
lifelong success by being committed to
offering as many learning opportunities
as possible, showing students how to
conquer and destroy obstacles, and lead
by example.
Our vision is to empower students to
uphold a global perspective and actively
pursue the path to success.

Special Programs

When you join the Orchard Park Academy community,
you join a family.
• Yellow bus from central pick-up locations, RTA passes, and reimbursement for
eligible families who drop their children off at school.
• Gifted services in the classrooms.
• Dance program and a Cub Scouts program offered weekly.
• Family supports with laundry services and a food pantry.
• Peer mentoring and tutoring; plus services for English language learners.
• Boys and girls basketball, boys and girls track, and cheerleading.

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