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Three locations: Great Lakes Science Center, Nela Park, and Cleveland State University Cleveland ,

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MC2 offers a rigorous Science-
(STEM) education in a non-traditional
environment through trans-disciplinary
curricula, hands-on projects, and
community partnerships.
We engage and enrich our students by
developing critical thinking and problem
solving skills, and empowering them to
achieve their personal, academic, and
community goals.
There are no enrollment criteria.
Students are admitted by lottery, and
come from every part of Cleveland.

Special Programs

The city is their classroom.
Our students attend classes at sites around the city — the Great Lakes Science
Center, General Electric (GE) Lighting’s Nela Park campus, and Cleveland State
University. While STEM is the school’s emphasis, teachers cover all subjects required
by Ohio’s state standards through integrated, project-based learning that crosses
disciplines from language arts, to science and math.
Our grading system is based on mastery, meaning that every student is graded on
understanding rather than seat time, and students must achieve 90% or above on
each learning outcome in order to receive credit.
At any given time, our freshmen and sophomores may find themselves in
workshops with tutors from NASA, or in rigorous capstone projects and mentorship
programs with engineers from GE Lighting. Juniors and seniors often step up to
demanding internships with local businesses.

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