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Mary M. Bethune

11815 Moulton Ave. Cleveland OH, 44106-1432

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Mary M. Bethune is a family—teachers
and staff working with caregivers to
educate the entire child, not just their
academic needs but also their personal
All Bethune Scholars receive instruction
in not only the core subjects but also
physical education, music, art, library
media and technology. This allows our
scholars to be college and career ready
with 21st century skills while at the same
time, exploring their interests.
We are proud to be part of the first
group of Cleveland schools to offer Say
Yes support services.

Special Programs

We celebrate that our campus is—
• Strengthened by a deep commitment to teamwork among our educators, who
strive to follow after our namesake and be among the nation’s leading educators.
• Supported by our families, who share the vision of our scholars as life-long
• Located in Moulton/Scoutway Park, giving our students access to the greenspace,
community gardens, basketball courts, tennis courts and more.
• Walking distance from University Circle, Cleveland’s center of innovation in health
care, education, arts, and culture.

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