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Lakeshore Intergenerational School

18025 Marcella Rd. OH Cleveland, 44119-2615

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School Summary


School Type

Operated By
The Intergenerational Schools

Sponsored By
Ohio Department of Education


Lakeshore Intergenerational School (LIS) was founded in 2013 by neighborhood families and residents who were interested in replicating the success of the founding Intergenerational School. The school has since grown to an enrollment of just over 220 students in grades K-6 with plans to grow to approximately 250 students in the 2020-21 academic year.  LIS is located in the elementary school building of St Casimir- Collinwood Parish.

School Mission: Lakeshore Intergenerational School connects, creates and guides a multigenerational community of lifelong learners and spirited citizens.

Our School Values:  personal integrity, work ethic, choice and accountability, celebration of diversity, interpersonal skills, shared and responsible use of resources, and honoring the interconnected web of life and time.

The LIS mission is the center for all that takes places within our school.

Within our school environment, LIS wishes to create a true community of individuals that transcends traditional age barriers. This community is organized around the central activity of learning. The community includes children, faculty and staff, family members, community volunteers, and collaborating community organizations.

LIS welcomes learners of all ages to participate together in the learning life of the school. Our students learn in multi-age classrooms, where older students serve as role models and can assist younger students. Younger students can see what their own learning can and will become. The full life span is represented at LIS well beyond the traditional elementary school community of students, staff, and parents. LIS brings together learners and teachers of all ages.

LIS strives to develop in its students the inclination for lifelong learning and the tools to be an effective lifelong learner as well has helping our students and community members find joyfulness in their learning.  It is our greatest expectation that our students will acquire the knowledge, skills, and habits to be effective and empowered members of their community.

Students learn by participating in a student-centered, experiential learning environment. LIS provides rich and holistic learning experiences so that students can know themselves as learners and can make effective decisions about their own learning. LIS adopts a process-oriented approach to learning, but balances that with the goal to develop in students certain specific skills that are needed for educational and life success.


Special Programs

What Sets Us Apart 

The educational philosophy of the school is grounded in two main beliefs:

  • Learning is a life-long developmental process
  • Knowledge is socially constructed in the context of culture, experience, and community

LIS believes that all individuals are capable learners. Each individual brings a unique blend of talent, interest, experience, and cultural heritage to the learning situation. Learning takes place best in an environment where such differences are valued and respected. Individuals in such an environment work together to investigate topics and questions that are personally meaningful and important.

LIS does not look or feel like a traditional elementary school, it is unique and innovative.  Instead of learning in traditional graded classrooms, LIS classrooms are organized by developmental learning levels. As a non-graded, developmental school, benchmarks are based on academic developmental stages that have only approximate correspondence to age/grade.

The stages used are:

  • Primary Cluster (Ohio’s K-2 curriculum is taught)
  • Developing Stage: (Ohio’s 3-4 curriculum is taught)
  • Refining Stage: (Ohio’s 5-6 curriculum is taught)
  • Applying Stage: (Ohio’s 7-8 curriculum is taught)

Within our classrooms you will find:

  1. Non-graded, multi-age groupings
  2. Individualized learning and instruction
  3. Mentoring/apprenticeship model
  4. Real-world experiential learning/ Interdisciplinary approach/ Inquiry-generated and project- based learning
  5. Collaborative curriculum planning
  6. Authentic and normative assessment

Highlight Academic Offerings

  • Small class sizes
  • Looping with teacher between 2-3 years
  • Robust collaboration with the local community
  • Multi-age classrooms

Student Engagment and Activities

  •  After School Tutoring
  •  Literacy Club
  •  Partnerships with Arts Organizations
  •  Field Trips
  • Homework Club during Parent/Family Group Meetings

Parent and Community Envolvement 

  • Partnerships with Long Term Care Facilities/Nursing Homes – Monthly visits
  • Over 20 Reading Mentors/Volunteers – weekly visits to classrooms
  • Partnership with Villa Angela St Joseph HS, Saint Martin de Porres, MC2Stem
  • Parent/Family Organization- monthly meetings

Student Resources and Services

  • Free Breakfast/Lunch daily
  • Intervention Specialist
  • Title I Services
  • English Language Learners
  • Counseling Services


  • All entrances locked 24/7 with video surveillance
  • Personalized home contact
  • Compliance with the ORC in regards to building and student safety.
  • We submit an annual emergency operations plan each July to the state and then conduct monthly fire drills, quarterly security drills, and, during season, monthly tornado drills to both comply with the law and best prepare our staff.
  • All staff receive tabletop training on fire and security drills at beginning of year to discuss theoretical responses to possible crises.
  • We train all staff on child abuse, human trafficking, youth suicide, and school violence at time of hire.




Transportation Info

RTA Tickets – Families need to live at least 1.75 miles from the school to receive yellow bus transportation. Cleveland residents that don’t choose bus/RTA tickets, my receive a modest transportation stipend from CMSD.

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