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Horizon Science Academy Denison Middle

1700 Denison Ave. Cleveland OH, 44109-2925

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School Summary


School Type

Operated By
Concept Schools

Sponsored By
ESC of Lake Erie West


Horizon Science Academy Denison
Middle School is a public charter school
managed by Concept Schools.
We foster an environment of inquiry
and a love of learning so students are
prepared to thrive in STEM-focused
high school, college and the world. Our
students will enter high school ready to
tackle any academic challenge and will
excel in the STEM subjects.

Special Programs

What Sets Us Apart
HSA Denison promotes six core values to guide its interactions with all members of
the school community:
• Respect
• Responsibility
• Integrity
• Courage
• Curiosity
• Effort
Extracurriculars include basketball team, crayon club, art club, fleece blanket club,
just dance club, focus on spanish, cooking club, spoken word, robotics, gaming
guild, jump rope club and student ambassadors.

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