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Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School

1440 Lakeside Ave. E. Cleveland OH, 44114-1137

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Davis is a cutting-edge public high school
for students who wish to pursue their
curiosity for aerospace and maritime in
a supportive environment that prepares
them for college, careers, and citizenship.
We engage students through a
personalized, challenging curriculum
with real-world connections, internships
with community partners, and anytimeanywhere
learning, so they believe in
their abilities, explore new opportunities,
and chart their own course.

Special Programs

A focus on science, technology, engineering and math.
Davis A&M provides a hands-on curriculum that centers on college and career
readiness and real-world applications, including:
• Visits to local airports to learn how to design, fix, or fly planes.
• Lessons in navigating boats out on the water.
• Internships at aeronautics and maritime companies.
• AP and honors courses, plus opportunities to earn industry-recognized credentials
and professional certificates.
• Connections to industry professionals through partnerships with PHASTAR, The
Cleveland Airport System, Kent State University, the U.S. Coast Guard, Port of
Cleveland, Ohio Aerospace Institute, and many others.
• Extracurriculars include Fab Lab assistants, Drone Club, Boatbuilding Club,
Aviation Club, Tutoring, Rowing, and Sports.

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