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Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Elementary

4430 State Rd. Cleveland OH, 44109-4705

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School Summary


School Type

Operated By
Constellation Schools

Sponsored By
ESC of Lake Erie West


Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn
Community Elementary is located in
the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of
Cleveland. We believe in parental choice
when it comes to the education of
children, and that every child is entitled
to an opportunity to obtain a high quality
education. Our safe, caring and nurturing
environments are complemented by our
highly qualified, compassionate teachers
who are committed to the success of
every student. Our learning community is
characterized by high expectations and
academic excellence.

Special Programs

What Sets Us Apart
• Character education is a pillar of our organization that’s incorporated into all
curriculum areas.
• Family environment that focuses on the well-being of all students.
• 1:1 technology program for all students in grades K-4.
• Caring and engaged school community- families, students and teachers.
• Strong community support in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland.

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