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Cleveland Preparatory Academy

4850 Pearl Rd. Cleveland OH, 44109-5135

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School Summary


School Type

Operated By
Accel Schools

Sponsored By
Ohio Council of Community Schools


Cleveland Preparatory Academy is
built on a strong foundation of high
expectations for academic and social
achievement for all K-8 students. Our
mission is to prepare students for a
college preparatory high school that
will ensure success and graduation
from a four-year college. We meet each
student’s different needs, learning rates,
and styles through media-rich content,
direct instruction, and differentiated

Special Programs

What Sets Us Apart
• All school, year-long after school tutoring.
• Consistent practice assessments built to help support academic growth and spring
state testing development.
• Strong student culture – homecoming dance, community celebrations, monthly
student recognition, anti-bullying accountability.
• Weekly boys and girls mentoring programs – community based vendors that
provide mentorship that focuses on: social skill, emotional and age-appropriate
• Positive Behavior Intervention System (Panther Store) – for students to earn
incentives for positivity, growth and overall successes.
• Parent orientation, take the test events, awards assemblies, etc. to encourage and
promote parent involvement and volunteerism.

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