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Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy

10701 Shaker Blvd. Cleveland OH, 44104-3752

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School Summary



School Type

Operated By
Accel Schools

Sponsored By
Ohio Council of Community Schools


Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences
Academy (CASSA) has a school culture
and climate built around the motto
“Raising children together.” We set
high expectations for student success.
Parents, teachers, staff members,
and scholars work together to ensure
academic achievement. We offer
uniform scheduling, rigorous curriculum,
and data analysis for the creation and
implementation of individualized student
achievement plans.

Special Programs

We are structured around academics.
• Scholars in kindergarten through third grade receive 120 minutes of English
language arts, 90 minutes of mathematics, 60 minutes of science, and 90 minutes
of social studies daily.
• Scholars in fourth through eighth grade receive 90 minutes of English language
arts, mathematics, science, and social studies instruction from specialized teachers.
• Our instruction follows the “I Do, We Do, You Do” format for gradual release
of responsibility. Each class provides scholars with the opportunity for test
preparation by beginning the lesson with a “problem of the day” and ending with
an “exit ticket.”
• We offer daily arts experiences for the scholars. Scholars participate in art, music,
and dance that expand learning beyond the core academic content areas.

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