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CASTLE High School

3950 Prospect Ave. E. Cleveland OH, 44115-2710

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School Summary

Dropout Recovery


School Type

Operated By
The Educational Empowerment Group

Sponsored By
Educational Resource Consultants of Ohio

Special Programs
Dropout recovery


Castle students have an opportunity to
experience academic success, combined
with cognitive, emotional and social
development. We strive to achieve this in
a structured, disciplined, safe and caring
environment. We aim to cultivate leaders
who are well-rounded and productive
We set high expectations, incorporate
innovative programs and encourage
parental involvement. We are built on
a holistic philosophy that emphasizes a
positive sense of self, a concept of moral
and purposeful living.

Special Programs

Our curriculum is Relevant, Rigorous and Rewarding.
Our Business Program allows students to be certified in Microsoft Office and learn
skills in marketing, human resources, and organizational development.
Our Public Safety Program allows students thinking about joining the military,
becoming a firefighter, EMT, or doing construction to learn skills such as emergency
management, crisis intervention, CPR and First Aid.
College Credit Plus can help students earn college and high school credits at the
same time, for free, by taking college courses from colleges and/or universities.

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