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Buhrer Dual Language Academy

1600 Buhrer Ave. Cleveland OH, 44109-1747

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Buhrer offers a collaborative, safe and
engaging environment where high student
achievement is our number one priority.
We focus on ensuring our children are
proficient in both Spanish and English
by developing academic and linguistic
abilities in both languages.
We set high expectations around our
children’s academic, social and emotional
skills to ensure they are prepared for the
21st century.
We work collaboratively with parents,
community members, staff and students
in order to instill in our children the belief
that they can accomplish anything they
set their minds to.

Special Programs

Our school community provides:
• A positive and collaborative multicultural environment for all students, with social and
emotional learning supports.
• Integration of technology with the use of computers in all classrooms; iPads in PreK-2;
laptops for each student in grades 3-8.
• English and Spanish instruction in core subjects, with the opportunity to earn credit in
Spanish I before entering high school.
• Activities include girls volleyball, boys basketball, cheerleading, America SCORES
soccer & poetry teams, NOW anti-bullying program, WAVE conflict mediation team
and student council/advisory groups.
• A family community where parents and students are active participants in the decisionmaking
• We are proud to be part of the first group of Cleveland schools to offer Say Yes
support services.

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