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Anton Grdina

2955 E. 71st St. Cleveland OH, 44104-4101

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Anton Grdina


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Anton Grdina PreK-8 school is one of
the city’s most modern school facilities.
Our students explore subjects through
research and investigative discovery,
sparking their curiosity in every
classroom. Their growing skills in thinking
critically and solving problems are at the
heart of our vibrant learning climate.

Special Programs

Anton Grdina offers…
• An inquiry based learning approach, which gives our scholars voice and choice in
their learning and gets them more engaged and excited about learning.
• Bulldog Academy after school tutoring for all grades.
• Boys basketball, High Steppers, Divas program for middle school girls, and a
weekly bible study.
• Wraparound services led by Burten Bell Carr that connect our school community
to the assets and resources of the Kinsman neighborhood.

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