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Alfred A. Benesch

5393 Quincy Ave. Cleveland OH, 44104-1216

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Benesch is dedicated to both the academic and social and emotional needs of each student. We are a learning community that fosters academic rigor and strong relationships to prepare our students to succeed in high school, college and beyond. We have access to the latest technology to enhance learning and help students develop skills they need to compete with their peers in the 21st century. Our educators also value the role that families play in students’ education, and encourage parent involvement.

Special Programs

Benesch offers
• A partnership with the Cleveland Play House that provides students with drama
classes that focus on literacy and social and emotional learning.
• A 65-inch, wall-mounted, interactive touch screen in every classroom, and two
additional computer labs.
• Services from the Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland, including food for families on
weekends, and other support.
• Dancing Classrooms program for 4th graders.
• Digital storytelling projects with the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning.

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