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Albert Bushnell Hart – formerly Fullerton

3900 East 75th Street Cleveland OH, 44105

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AB Hart provides a warm, inviting and
safe school environment where positive
attitudes and personal growth are
fostered through high expectations for
each student’s behavioral and academic
We are moving toward an inquirybased
strategy to ensure every child
reaches his or her goals by posing,
investigating and answering questions
to nurture their curiosity as they master
rich academic content. At the heart
of student success at AB Hart is a
commitment to doing “whatever it takes”
to build a commitment to scholarship in
the school.

Special Programs

Supporting the whole child…
One of our core values is supporting the whole child—academically, behaviorally,
socially, emotionally and physically.
Our caring intervention team supports students with special needs by
collaborating with teachers to make sure that students thrive in the most
appropriate and supportive environment possible.
We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities and extended-day programs to
build a community of lifelong learners.

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