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Children love routine; it helps them feel safe and secure. It lets your child know what you expect and strengthens your relationship.   [pdf-embedder url=””]
Learn more about when and how, and if you should consider changing schools, and get resources to help you!   [pdf-embedder url=””] has an interactive school finder tool that helps you find a school the best fits your child’s needs.
College Now has a team of advisors that meet students where they are, assess their education and career experience and goals, and match them with the opportunities best suited for them.
The Pediatric Heart Network has a great resource for parents to communicate well with their teachers!
Confirm that you are registered to vote, where to vote, or request a vote-by-mail application.
The National Education Association has a great guide for talking to your child about diversity, race, and discrimination so they feel safe and learn to treat others with compassion and respect.
Students in temporary living situations face significant barriers to educational success and benefit from the stability that a secure school placement can provide.   [pdf-embedder url=””]
Learn about the Cleveland Metropolitan School District levy on the November 3, 2020 ballot. Funds from a successful ballot effort will also support partnering charter schools in Cleveland.
The UpNext Guide published by the Cleveland Public Library contains information on events, resources, and programs to help your child learn and stay engaged all year long!