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School success starts with high-quality preschool.Three- and four-year-old children in Cleveland can attend preschool programs in CMSD schools, some charter schools, and through private providers including Head Start. Finding the right preschool for your child is important, and with the search tool on PRE4CLE’s website they make it easy. Search through their map for schools close to your home!

To find a preschool in Cleveland visit PRE4CLE’s search tool.


What is PRE4CLE?

PRE4CLE is Cleveland’s plan to expand high-quality preschool access to all three- and four-year-olds in the city. PRE4CLE works with families to help them find the right high-quality preschool for their child.


Why high-quality?

Early experiences affect the architecture of a child’s brain, building a strong foundation for Cleveland’s kids. By the age of five, your child’s brain is already 90% developed. Research shows that children who participate in high-quality early childhood programs are more likely to:

  • Have better-developed language and social skills when they get to kindergarten
  • Reach high school graduation.
  • Pursue college or vocational training programs, and have good careers as adults.

High-quality preschools have been rated 3, 4, or 5 stars in Ohio’s Step Up To Quality rating system and have:

  1. Environments that are fun, welcoming, safe, and caring
  2. Creative and imaginative play to inspire a lifelong love of learning
  3. Educational activities to prepare your child for kindergarten
  4. A research-based curriculum
  5. Staff and teachers who are well-trained and professional
  6. Feedback about your child’s learning and progress


Learn more about high-quality preschool

Preschool in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District

CMSD offers half-day and full-day preschool programs for four-year-olds in many of its schools during the regular school year. CMSD also offers half-day and full-day school-year preschool programs for three- to five-year-old students with special needs.To enroll in a CMSD preschool, a child must be four years old on or before September 30. There is no cost for CMSD preschool, but you must live in the City of Cleveland to attend. Schools do not typically offer before- or after-care services. For more information, contact the school directly or call CMSD at 216.838.0110


Preschool in Charter Schools

Some charter schools offer preschools themselves or in partnership with private providers. For more information, contact the school directly.


Preschool in Private Programs

Preschool opportunities are available to families through childcare centers, Head Start, and home-based childcare settings, as well as through Cuyahoga County’s Universal Pre-K program. Many programs offer full-day, full-year programs as well as extended-day schedules to meet the needs of working families. Eligibility for private programs varies depending on income, employment status, and other factors. For information on your family’s preschool options and how to find a high-quality private preschool, please contact Starting Point at 1.800.880.0971 or


Finding High-Quality Preschool

High-quality preschools are located throughout Cleveland at CMSD schools, Head Start, child care centers, private providers, charter schools, and family child care homes. Scholarships are available for many of these programs. To find the scholarships your family may be eligible for, you can use PRE4CLE’s Scholarship Calculator, or call Starting Point at 1.800.880.0971 to speak to a specialist.