Answers to Transformation Alliance Community Review Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The Alliance monitors the community reviews and maintains the right to deny or delete ratings and comments.
  • The Alliance will not display any personal information with Cleveland school reviews, such as name, email address, photos, or ZIP Code.
  • The Alliance only allows one review per user, per school, at time. If a user wants to update a review or create a new review for an individual school, the Alliance will replace the old review with the new review.
  • You must include both a “star” rating and a narrative comment of 120-1,200 characters to post a review.
  • When rating and reviewing a school, think about what information will be helpful to other families, such as what makes the school special and how the school might improve.
  • The Alliance strives to create a respectful and responsible online community. The Alliance will not approve posts that are profane or abusive, include any names, or make allegations of misconduct or criminal activity.
  • The Alliance will review and approve your post before it appears on mycleschool.wpsc.site, a process that can take up to 48 hours. You will receive an email once your review has been published.


Read the full guidelines here: https://mycleschool.org/terms-conditions/