Cleveland Transformation Alliance

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance supports families as they consider their public school options – both district and charter – in Cleveland.  CTA works to be the one-stop resource for families to learn about school quality, and to receive personalized assistance, if they need it, to help navigate the selection process.

Cleveland Transformation Alliance - clePLAN

Cleveland Parent Leadership Action Network

The goal of ClePLAN is to build and strengthen relationships among Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) parents and caregivers to create a supportive network that builds our capacity to take on critical roles to achieve quality, accountable public schools for all our children.

Event Information

Join us for a positive and supportive conversation on Thursday, October 22nd, from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m., allowing parents, caregivers, and students the opportunity to discuss how the school year has been going so far.  We will also talk about how families are staying connected to their school and resources, and what resources are still needed for success this school year. 

Please complete the form below to register.  The forum will take place virtually through Zoom, but you may also access the discussion by phone.  Connection information will be sent once registered.