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Charter Sponsor Review

Charter Sponsor Review for the 2019-2020 School Year This is an update to Ohio sponsors with information about the Cleveland Transformation Alliance’s sponsor review process and related criteria established under state law. Based on input from the sponsor community, the Transformation Alliance has revised the timeline for our review processes, and established a protocol that […]

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Power of the Plan: Opening new schools: Nerves, intense focus, followed by a group hug

Opening new schools to serve Cleveland’s diverse population of students is a central component of Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools, the comprehensive plan to reinvent public education in our city. The idea is that a variety of schools, taking different approaches, can better serve the diverse needs of today’s students than the one-size-fits-all approach of the past.

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Power of the Plan: For refugee and immigrant students, Academy offers ‘the chance for a new life’

Jennifer Rhone walks the hallway of Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy, where she’s one of two assistant principals, and gives a tall, dark-haired boy a wave. “I’d adopt him if I could,” she confides, out of earshot. “He’s so smart and kind, but he’s struggled since he got to the U.S. He had a really difficult childhood…”

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Power of the Plan: Broadway P-16

In Broadway-Slavic Village, supporting students means supporting their families. Last November, with the holidays on the way and two kids in school, Carlotta Jackson was on the verge of eviction. “I was stressing,” Jackson says. “I had all these bills, I was working all these hours. If I had to move, I didn’t know what I was going to do.”