Community Engagement Team

The Transformation Alliance is charged with the duty to communicate to parents about quality school choices and shared data about those choices with the community. The work is supported by the Community Engagement Team members who work within their communities to share materials, messaging, and assistance when it comes to understanding education in Cleveland.
School Quality Ambassador program is a team of dedicated grassroots leaders who connect with Cleveland’s neighborhoods and families to provide guidance and information about public school options. Ambassadors distribute school choice resources, including the annual School Quality Guide, through in-person visits, small group meetings and public events. As experts in schools and school systems in Cleveland, they connect families to Transformation Alliance resources.
The outreach of our Ambassadors and partner organizations is instrumental in creating a culture of high expectations, where the choice to attend a quality public school is accessible to every student and family in Cleveland.
To learn more about the School Quality Ambassador program, or to request their presence at your local event, contact Catherine Smith.

Our Ambassadors

Anju Abdullah, School Quality Ambassador

Anju holds over 10 years of experience as a direct community engagement provider. She believes that everyone be afforded the opportunity to a superior quality of life. Anju finds satisfaction in helping individuals achieve better health and self-sufficiency by educating and connecting them to valuable resources and programs. She is active in the community as a Community Ambassador through Cuyahoga County’s HIP-C Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Initiative, and a Class 26 NLI alumni. Anju is a certified Community Health Worker, and has over 21 years of experience providing health and human services through the Cleveland Community. She hopes from her work with the Alliance that she can provide families with current and useful information to make informed decisions about school fit for their children. Anju was born and raised in East Cleveland. She currently resides with her family on the east side of Cleveland, and serves the Collinwood and Glenville neighborhoods as a School Quality Ambassador.


GiGi Elder, School Quality Ambassador

GiGi works for the Alliance because she believes in the importance of the Cleveland Plan for Transforming Schools and the Transformation Alliance’s ability to listen to the voices of teachers, parents, and residents. GiGi previously worked as an Instructional Coach for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, graduated from the Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI), has volunteered with Hip Cuyahoga’s Healthy Eating and Active Living campaign. As a lifelong Cleveland resident of Cleveland, GiGi dedicates her time to the residents of this city. GiGi continues her service as an ambassador of the Collinwood area in Cleveland.


Johnna Crusoe, School Quality Ambassador

Johnna, who lives on Cleveland’s east side with her husband and four children, joins the School Quality Ambassador team as a graduate of Cleveland Public Schools (Collinwood High School). She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Her experience as the parent of two children with special needs has made her a passionate and skilled advocate for all students. The role of School Quality Ambassador is aligned with Johnna’s goal of increasing parent and community engagement with schools. Johnna, believing that all children deserve a great education, hopes to bridge the gap between home and school by working to improve communication and understanding. Johnna serves the far east side of Cleveland in her Ambassador role—spanning all the way to Euclid.



Kayli Cheeks, School Quality Ambassador



Larry Bailey, School Quality Ambassador

Larry is joining the team because he believes in the education of our children- they are the future and if we do not act now, future could be dark. He hopes to make an impact and give our future leaders a helping hand for a bright future. He has been supporting youth and public education for years with the CMSD school board, Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative, Broadway P16, Catholic Charities Head Start, and the Cleveland Transformation Alliance. He is passionate about the education system and is motivated to address the obstacles it faces to provide free, quality education to students everywhere. Larry serves the Buckeye and Mt. Pleasant neighborhoods as a School Quality Ambassador.



Rosetta Gloster, School Quality Ambassador

Rosetta’s experience working with community members has been well-developed through her work in Cleveland. She graduated from the 30th class of Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI). Rosetta worked with the Hough Development Corporation as a Community Outreach Coordinator and Project Manager. She has chaired the New Beginning Ministries Community Outreach group. Her volunteerism in Cleveland ranges from working with the Susan G. Komen walk; Organizers and Allies; Volunteer Income Tax Assistance; Lean Six Sigma; and as a True2U Mentor for 8th grade students. Rosetta finds the work with young people the most engaging and intriguing, finding that they have the same rights to culture as adults, but their circumstances create challenges that can only be met with determination, creativity, and integrity. She finds the work with and for children and young people challenging, but incredibly rewarding. Rosetta also volunteers with her church’s food access programs. Rosetta currently lives in the Hough neighborhood, which she serves through her ambassador work.


Seanna Jackson, School Quality Ambassador

Seanna is a Cleveland native, interested in developing and supporting successful outcomes of public, private and non-profit organizations in Northeast Ohio. Seanna is a Neighborhood Leadership Institute Alumnus (Class 26), with experience in program development, technical support, training, and project management. Seanna lends her strengths to serve as a bridge between programs and their target markets, in the areas of youth, education, technology, arts and culture. Seanna serves Cleveland’s east-side communities.


Virgie Sims, School Quality Ambassador

Newly piloted in the Central Neighborhood, the School Quality Navigator Program allows for assistance, support, and guidance through the education process. The assistance from a Navigator allows for families to have support from the time of searching for a quality school, through enrollment, and beyond. Our Navigators are trained professionals ready to support and work with families as they explore educational opportunities.

Leave a message for our Navigator team and get help navigating school options by calling 216.592.2419.


Our Navigators


Frank Barnes, School Quality Navigator

We are excited to welcome Frank to the team. As a graduate of the University of Toledo, majoring in public health, Frank has extensive experience in the field of public health and community engagement. He is active in his community through his employment with the Cleveland Public Library. At the library, he engages the community with educational classes on computer literacy, job searching, resume building, and also after-school programs for the youth.

During his time with the Center of Health and Successful Living, he acquired various skills that will be useful in engaging and connecting with the community. Frank supported and led health education fairs, conducted surveys, and presented crucial health information to large groups at community events. In addition to that, he also did one-on-one consultation about health improvement and helped organize fundraisers. He and the Center for Health and Successful Living worked with the community to raise awareness of health issues, striving for a healthier community.

His time with the Boys and Girls Club provided him with the skills and experiences that have prepared him to be a strong School Quality Navigator. As the Educational Activity Center instructor, he was responsible for planning and teaching programs about drug prevention, healthy living habits, and the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Frank is motivated to work with the Alliance because he has experienced firsthand how choosing the best school for a child can impact their future.


Maxine Williams, School Quality Navigator

Maxine is a graduate of Historically Black College, Clark Atlanta University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media Communications. She focused her courses in Public Relations and Nonprofit Support humanizing social realities.

Maxine has 7 years of prideful working experience and professional accomplishments that include outreach efforts directed towards employment and educational services. Her energy and enthusiasm for activism makes Maxine a standout in the field, and we are thrilled to have her on our team.

Dedicated to holistically improving Cleveland neighborhoods by restoring social and educational justice, Maxine is committed to developing, delivering, and improving programs and services with a guiding mission to extend the reach and impact of community resources. Maxine advocates improving our community resilience by implementing solutions as essential components of reform. Her everyday cornerstone, passion and appointed social responsibility is to sustain the world as a better place by starting with the betterment of its people.

Outside of community activism, holistic wellbeing is her passion including yoga, meditation, and fitness.


Wyndi Moore, School Quality Navigator

Wyndi Moore is an experienced connector and servant leader. A Senior at Baldwin Wallace University, she will graduate in May 2019 with a BA in Sociology, and a minor in psychology. Wyndi is currently serving in the national service organization, AmeriCorps. Based out of Baldwin Wallace University, her service project is connected to a nonprofit program, HPAC (Health Profession Affinity Community). Through this program, she assists CMSD and Lorain high school students as they identify health disparities in their community. The students then build an awareness project or sustainable program that addresses that disparity and shares that project. Through her role as an advisor, Wyndi shares team building techniques that include activities such as academic research and the value of existing community capital and assets.

Recently she was recognized at the International Food Waste Summit, and in 2017 she received the David & Frances Brain Center Leader of the year award, as well as being honored as one of 12 Ohio college student recipients of the 2018 Charles J. Ping Student Service awards.

Wyndi was a David & Frances Brain Center Fellow. Her Social Change Initiative was centered around raising awareness about college student food insecurity as well as examining the possibility of student hunger on the BW campus. Wyndi is also featured in the FARE projects Cleveland Food documentary. In addition to being a student, Wyndi currently serves as the Board Vice President at Stone Soup Cle., a local Food Recovery Nonprofit.

Wyndi has also been a part of the planning team for the Race, Food and Justice Conference since 2013 and is a member of Black Food Justice Collaborative. Finally, Wyndi is a current member of the Cohort XII of Neighborhood Leadership Development Program.

All of this work connects to her personal mission of ending Food Apartheid in underserved communities by creating a Healthy inclusive Food system where community members hold the majority of seats at the table to build Equity in the communities in which they live. Projects and activities that connect students to their communities are exactly what Wyndi wishes to build and continue supporting in her community. She is a strong believer that everyone can be an agent of change in their lives, and by extension, in their communities.

Lastly, Wyndi is a wife and mother of six wonderful people and two has grandchildren.