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About Cleveland Transformation Alliance

In 2011, Mayor Frank G. Jackson brought together Cleveland’s educational leaders and city stakeholders, challenging them to envision a plan that would fundamentally reinvent public education in the city. The mission of Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools is to ensure every child attends a quality school and every community has a multitude of great schools from which families can choose.

About Us

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance was established to to engage families, community members and city stakeholders in public education. We also provide updates and monitoring of Cleveland school reform.

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Our School Finder Tool was created to  inform families about quality school options and educational resources, so every child and family in Cleveland can have a rewarding school experience.

School Quality Guide

Want a print version of the School Finder Tool? The School Quality Guide includes all the facts + resources in our School Finder Tool. Click the link below to request a printed book or view a PDF of the book online. 

Progress Report

Want a deeper understanding of the progress our schools are making? The Cleveland Plan Progress Report  provides a snapshot of the implementation and impact of the Cleveland Plan for Transforming Schools.